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Cam'Ron Bio

aka: Killa Cam
Real name: Cameron Giles
birthday: February 4, 1976

Cameron Giles, better known as Camíron or Killa Cam, is a popular African-American rapper from Harlem, New York. Cam'ron is the head of the musical group "The Diplomats", better known as "Dip Set." The group consists of Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, as well as currently incarcerated member Freekey Zeekey. Hell Rell is a member of the Diplomats record label. Recently he was released from Clinton Correctional Facility. Uptown, in the chocolate city known as Harlem World, an aspiring superstar is poised to blow. Surrounded and supported by his crew, a young baller with raw talent and a big mouth absorbs images from his environment and turns them into razor sharp lyrics. From playing ball on asphalt playgrounds to shooting c-lo while scoping out and scooping up a few of Harlemís finest after midnight on 140th St., Cameron íCamíroní Giles has never been one to shy away from lifeís gritty reality.

Cam'Ron Bio
Camron Bio
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Camron Pictures






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Cam'Ron Links






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Killa Cam
Killa Cam

Known for years as a tough competitor on some of the cities toughest basketball courts, Camron once played point guard for top New York teams Riverside Church and Goucher. Camron had envisioned himself playing pro ball before a leg injury in college forced him to the sidelines. Cam'ron returned to Sugar Hill with new aspirations running through his veins. "I had gone to high school with Mase, and he introduced me to some people in the music business. Since my leg never really healed properly, I decided to get into music instead of going back to school."

Camís rap resume began with an introduction to Notorious B.I.G. through Mase. Impressed with Cam'ron, B.I.G. secured Cam a record deal with Untertainment and his certified gold debut, CONFESSIONS OF FIRE dropped in 1998. With the now classic tracks, ".357" and "Horse and Carriage" featuring Mase on the hook, Camís aggressive yet complex rhyme style shook rap to itís foundations. "I had always been a fan of brothers like Kool G.

Rap, Eazy E, Public Enemy and Big L," says Camíron. "So when I stepped in front of the mic, I knew I had to step hard." When Untertainment lost itís distribution, Killa Cam was eagerly snatched up by Epic Records. His sophomore release SPORTS, DRUGS AND ENTERTAINMENT was also certified gold and produced another smash hit with "What Means the World to You."

As a means to rise above the professional turmoil that often accompanies the life of an artist in the rap game, Cam and his crew, the Harlem Diplomats, reached out to Roc-A-Fella CEO and childhood friend Damon Dash. "Iíve known Dame Dash since I was a kid," says Cam, referring to the Rocís CEO.

"Both of us grew up in Harlem together and Iíve seen him build Roc-A-Fella from nothing."

On his eagerly awaited third album, COME HOME WITH ME, Cameron íCamíroní Giles dives deep into the heaven and hell that is Harlem.

"If people watch music videos, they might think Harlem is some giant amusement park where people in glitter suits dance around all day," says Camíron. "My record is not about the Harlem shakers or Bill Clinton on 125th St. I want people to see that Harlem is still ghetto."

The albumís first single, "Oh Boy," featuring fellow Diplomat Juelz Santana, combines a quirky vocal sample with production from the Rocís in-house producer Just Blaze to create a street anthem for the new millenium. "That was one of those songs I was able to knock out in twenty minutes." Confesses Cam. "I heard the beat, and all these ideas started flowing. Itís a fun song."

Aside from appearances by Roc-A-Fella artists Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel, and Memphis Bleek, Cam'ron uses COME HOME WITH ME as an opportunity to showcase his own fam, a crew known collectively as The Diplomats. The title track "Come Home With Me" features Juelz and Jimmy pushing a brutal beat as if it were a shiny whip on Lenox Ave. Going back into time, Cam and his boys reminisce about government cheese and Mike Tyson pounding out Mitch Green outside Dapper Danís. "I wasnít interested in having too many other rappers on these songs," says Cam'ron. "But these guys are like my brothers, we vibe together. We hang together, we stay together and we do music together." Another family member is Camís girl, Toy, for whom he wrote "Daydreaminí" another outstanding track from COME HOME WITH ME. "Weíve been together off and on since we was 12." confesses Cam. "I just wanted to thank her for sticking with me."

Flipping an old Tupac beat on the mind-blowing "Leave Me Alone," Cam recruited the West Coast don named Daz to come down to the studio and lace the track. "I had the chorus stuck in my head for a long time," says Killa Cam. "And since Daz produced the original track ("Straight Rider"), I thought he would be the best person to do the rearrangement. I loved the way 2Pac used it, but I still did it differently." Daz also contributed vocals on the songís chorus.

"He was in New York doing a show with Snoop Dogg, and I just got him to come by the studio and do what he do."

"On this album, my style changes with the times," relates Cam'ron. "And I always try to be a little ahead of the times." The majority of COME HOME WITH ME was produced by DR Period, Just Blaze and Ty Fyffe. "Iíll turn down a beat if it sounds like what everyone one else is doing. My goal is to be twenty blocks ahead of everybody else."

Displaying the same self confident bravado that made his reputation as a baller on the asphalt uptown, Cam' Ron is ready to take his game to the next level. "I had some bad experiences at my former label, but that is the past. Roc knows how to promote rap music, so now thatís my new home. Itís the best place for the music that I write."

Bio From: Hip-Hop Galaxy

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